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Robotics WorkStation - STARline

The STAR line workstations are based on superior air displacement pipetting technology. This increases accuracy and repeatability while providing chain of custody with pipette condition monitoring and recording. Each workstation can be configured with multiple arms and each arm can be configured with multiple pipetting and labware gripping devices. Pipetting channels and labware grippers move independently of each other, supporting the use of a wide range of labware. The autoload option provides barcode tracking of samples, labware, racks and carriers. All workstation functions and integrated third-party devices are controlled by the Venus software.

  • CO-RE Technology: Uses quality engineered components and the CO-RE tip attachment technology. The CO-RE system attaches disposable tips or washable steel tips to the pipetting channels with a stable lock-and-key fit and a precision of
  • Liquid Level Detection: Offers traditional capacitive liquid level detection and pressure based liquid level detection. The software can use these functions to drive the pipette tip to just above the surface to do a jet dispense, or touch the surface for a wet dispense, or dive below sufficiently to aspirate liquid without drawing in any air
  • Monitored Air Displacement : Allows real time detection of pipetting errors during pipetting steps. This includes detecting if an insufficient amount of liquid has been aspirated for a single, multiple or partial dispense; spiration of air, because the level of the liquid in a reservoir/tube was too low; and blocked tip due to clotting
  • Anti Droplet Control : The combination of CO-RE technology and air displacement pipetting with pressure monitoring allows Hamilton to offer anti droplet control (ADC).  Now you can pipette liquids with extremely low viscosity and high vapor pressure like Acetone and Methanol
  • Flexible and Precise tip Positioning : The STAR
  • Modular pipetting heads, deck layouts and accessories
  • Compatible with sample tubes, microplates, and custom labware
  • Barcode identification for samples, microplates, reagents and carriers